About Us

WesMar Winery is a result of the combined efforts of Kirk Wesley Hubbard and wife Denise Mary Selyem. We learned about wine making and the wine business from working with Ed Selyem, Denise’s father at Williams & Selyem Winery, for several years in the mid to late 1990’s. In 2000 we left Williams & Selyem Winery and started our own winery, WesMar Winery. In March 2000, we began to restore part of an old apple processing warehouse in Sebastopol, CA. This is now the home of our winery, where we carry out all phases of winemaking. We love working with a local agricultural product and seeing this raw product to its final stage, wine. We enjoy the relationships fostered between grape growers, suppliers, customers and ourselves. We relish being business owners, and working together in all facets of our wine endeavor to make wine for everyone’s enjoyment!