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2015 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, Hellenthal  

suggested retail $62
The usually shy aromas of Hellenthal are on full display offering an alluring mix of both red & black stone fruits, mixed berries, cocoa and earthy elements. Upon savoring the palate, complex layers of dried black plum, concentrated wild black berries exist harmoniously alongside citrus elements, honey, minerality and fruit tannins that showcase a completely captivating wine experience. The depth and longevity of flavors are intoxicating. (123 cases).


2015 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Salzgeber Vineyard  

suggested retail $58
This vintage offers a seductively prettier Salzgeber than the more normal strong fruit tannined version. The nose suggests rich red fruits, cola and river stones. A sip encourages finding full flavored Satsuma plums, Rainier cherries, notes of cinnamon, hints of toasted oak that lead to this vineyard’s signature fruit tannined framework, highlighted by a plush and velvety finish.(120 cases).


2015 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Balletto Vineyard             

suggested retail $54
This 2015 bottling is another outstanding example from this consistent vineyard. The bouquet is perfumery and very florally driven displaying blueberries, rose petals and hints of chocolate. The piquant flavors of blackberry jam lead, followed by more subtle supporting blueberries sprinkled with a dusting of chocolate. The white pepper essence always present in young Balletto bottlings is masquerading as nuanced allspice. This wine has a voluptuous mouthfeel, strength of fruit and engulfing body all bundled inside the bottle. (129 cases).


2015 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Oehlman Vineyard           

suggested retail $54
Most years the Oehlman bottling vacillates between its more feminine and delicate flavored profile to its bigger bolder expression depending on vintage and harvest brix. This vintage the Oehlman displays the elegance of the lighter profile with the robustness of the bigger and riper vintage. The typical Oehlman aromas exist offering lighter red fruits, orange blossom, tea and spices. The palate flavors are supportive of the aromas, but very robust in nature. The cranberry/raspberry flavors are bold and intense, the orange essence is more orange zest or juice than blossom, followed by black tea and baking spices. These flavors are in a holding pattern in the mouth while the mind races to catch up to the experience.(129 cases).

2015 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley                                        

suggested retail $50
This seductive blend of Russian River components will make one’s nose perk up to the lively aromatics of dried red fruits, anise, citrus and tea. The flavors derived from the blend showcase the makeup: Balletto’s dark fruits & spice with everything nice 43%, Rochioli’s bold red fruits 25%, Oehlman’s cran/rasp & orange zest prettiness 17% and Salzgeber’s dried red fruits and fruit tannins 15%. Warning! Must be tried to be believed. (219 cases).

2015 Chardonnay, Russian River Valley                                      

suggested retail $50
This Russian River Chardonnay is made in typical WesMar style with a light hand. It is aged in 25% new french oak and 75% neutral french oak and of course bottled unfined and unfiltered. On the nose you will find lemon aromas coupled with a nutty essence. On the palate of this lean and crisp Chardonnay are flavors of Lemon Custard and Pippin Apple leading to a mid palate creaminess. There is wonderful viscosity to the mouthfeel with slight minerality mid palate, nice acidity, moderate structure with a lasting finish (93 cases).

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