What Makes Great Wine

By Tommy Oct30,2023
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Exploring Different Ways of Drinking Wine

Wine is made from fermented grapes. But any fruit can be used to make wine. Other fruits that can be used to make wine are apples, cranberries, plums, etc. The type of grapes used to make wine are of the Vitis Vinifera species. It is the only species that contains the perfect balance of acids, sugars, tannins, and juice to ferment and make an alcoholic beverage. This beverage tastes good if high-quality grapes are used to make it. Great winemakers make great wine, and the art used to make the beverage makes wine great. This article will explore more about what makes wine great.

Great Wine
Great Wine


Four things that make wine great are:

High Grape Quality and Winemaking

To begin with, to make great wine you need high grape quality. It ensures there are no faults in the winemaking process. It equates to good winemaking skills and knowledge. High grape quality provides a good aroma and a fine balance between taste, acid, and tannins. High grape quality can be achieved with perfect growing conditions. In addition to the skill of winemakers, nature plays a great part. The climate, soil, and flora (such as other plants around the grapes, yeast, weeds, and bacteria) blend to create ideal growing conditions. There are further considerations when growing quality grapes for this beverage which are:

  • Is it in a valley or on a slope?
  • The vineyard’s positioning and exposure of the vineyard
  • Is the vineyard positioned by a river or the seaside?
  • The complexity of the soil composition will contribute to the intricacy and depth of the taste.

Additionally, for example, you need exceptional preparation skills and high-quality ingredients to make outstanding sushi. So it is easy to accept that this same idea also applies to good wine. Robert Mondavi the winemaking icon says, “Making fine wine is an art, making good wine is a skill” However, the winemaking process is a complex science that requires a synergy of elements to get it right.

Winemakers should have a Long-term Vision to Make Great Wine

Furthermore, there are many intriguing new winemakers and wineries, but the great ones have one thing in common. They think big. If the winery’s founder considers that their winery may continue to exist after they are gone, they think differently about how they develop their brand and, ultimately, how they make this beverage.

The Art of Winemaking makes it great

Additionally, there is this undefinable x-factor to great wine that is hard to quantify scientifically. Art is also a personal choice that comes down to the eye of the beholder. The more educated you are at understanding the craft of art, the more sophisticated your taste will become. Like artists, winemakers follow different ideologies and these core competencies are indeed very important in making this beverage great.

Breathe It All In

Furthermore, to make this beverage great you need to breathe it all in. The aroma of it and its balance are key. Therefore, wines should not only taste good but also smell good. The balance between aroma, acid, and tannins has been carefully considered to create the wine’s unique character, texture, and rich signatures.


Many people enjoy drinking wine on different occasions like parties, weddings, family gatherings, and other celebrations. For people to enjoy it more, it should be great in terms of its taste and aroma. Some things that make this beverage great are high grape quality and the long-term vision of winemakers.  The art of making it and breathing in wine also makes it good. Nature plays a key role in making this beverage. The soil, climate, and flora blend to create ideal growing conditions for perfect grapes as explained in this article.


By Tommy

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