Wine Making

Our Wine making Philosophy is simple…….What is in the best interest of great wine? Start by securing the best fruit available. We continually strive to seek out the best fruit sources available to us, working with growers who are committed to producing quality fruit. We believe the next most important facet of wine making is to harvest the fruit when it has the best taste with proper sugar and acid levels. There is not a formula to correct a harvesting mistake that will not be evident, later in the wine. We employ many old world methods such as: hand sorting of fruit, open top fermentations, hand punch downs of fermenting grapes, removal of wine from fermentors using only gravity and siphoning, and removal of grape skins by hand to be pressed. Once in the barrel the wines are allowed to settle and clear naturally, removing the need for fining or filtering. Gentle treatment of the grapes and the barreled wine throughout the wine making process allows our wines to show all of their complexities and nuances.


Our Wine making Goal……… First we start with the end result in mind; we want to produce the style of pinot noir that we enjoy drinking. This style will offer you a glass of Pinot Noir that is: aromatic, fruit forward, not overly ripe, with balanced acidity, complimentary fruit tannins and subtle oak impressions, while still displaying richness of flavors, finishing with a cloying mouth feel and flavors that linger long after the wine has left your mouth.


Now the challenge, how do we accomplish this? We believe the key to our style rests primarily on the timing of the fruit harvest. We feel we capture the natural fruit flavors by harvesting at a lower, rather than higher, brix (sugar) level. Our target picking time frame is very narrow and it becomes the ultimate challenge to harvest in this tiny window of opportunity. We believe overly ripe fruit is more singular in profile, losing its natural fruit nuances. Who wants to taste wines that have become homogeneous due to being picked at the same high brix levels. We strive to pick grapes at a stage in their development when there is still an abundance of natural acid. Too often we taste wines that have been picked at such high brix levels that there is no acidic structure remaining, leaving the wines flabby. This phenomenon becomes evident in cellared wines that do not seem to live as long as wines with balanced acid levels. We craft wines that offer substantive, yet not overpowering fruit tannins, while displaying more modest French oak notes. As a result of these efforts a wine can express its terroir and complexity of flavors. Our goal is to complement the fruit without being intrusive. We will continue to produce pinot noirs that most closely represent our style and showcase the Pinot Noir varietal in the fashion we and hopefully you, enjoy drinking.


Winemaking at WesMar Winery, Russian River Valley, California

Winemaking at Wesmar Winery


Winemakers, Denise Selyem, Kirk Hubbard, WesMar Winery